On behalf of Congregation Havurim, welcome!

Our small, but mighty, congregation has changed a lot over the last 14 years that I have been a part of it.  But the most important part of it has not changed: we are a warm, welcoming community of families and individuals, who support each other to express our Judaism in the way that best fits our beliefs and needs.

When I became President of the Congregation over 3 years ago, I wanted to continue our traditions and make our Reform practices as accessible and attractive to as many as would want to come.  This has led us to continue our small worship services in the Reform tradition at the Sanctuary of our sister temple, B’Nai Chaim.  But we like to be adventurous and fun also and have had our services in local parks and other fun venues!  We also get together at Congregation social events to build fellowship and strengthen our community relationships.

We have been and will continue to be welcoming of all people wishing to share or explore Reform Judaism, whatever their history and experience in it.  I, myself, came to Judaism with my family and converted, have had three sons have their Bar Mitzvah – all with this wonderful Congregation.  I continue to learn about my faith every day and am glad to have such a great group of people to learn with and from.

Please feel welcome to join us – for whatever you would like to experience!  Our supporting members will be glad to have you with us for whatever and however much you would like.  Our regular services, our holiday services, and our community events are all open.

I hope you enjoy our expression of Reform Judaism!

Cassy Klein

President – Congregation Havurim


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Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster a vibrant, thriving Jewish community within the Temecula Valley that meets the religious and cultural needs of our membership. We offer a warm, caring reform environment for Jewish practice through creative programs and events that fit individual and family spiritual and social needs.


We began in the spring of 1995 as a group of 18 individuals.

Our plan was to create a group of friends that could enjoy Judaism socially and spiritually in a liberal environment. We held Shabbat services, holidays and social events in homes, parks and business offices.

As our mission statement proclaims, we seek to enjoy the similarities in our history and culture rather than compare the differences.

As the Temecula Valley community has grown so has our membership and needs. We now have families who meet twice each month for Shabbat services.

We continue to share our holidays, social events and offer Religious school, Bar/Bat Mitzvah training for our children as well as opportunities for adult learning.