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July 26, 2014   28 Tamuz 5774
Our Mission  


Congregation Havurim's mission is to foster a vibrant, thriving Jewish community within the Temecula Valley that meets the religious and cultural needs of our membership. We shall offer a warm, caring Reform environment for Jewish practice through creative programs and events that fit the individual's and the family's spiritual and social needs.


Congregation Havurim's Annual Hanukkah Party

will begin at 6:30 PM on Friday, December 6th, 2013.

Rabbi Arnie will lead the service in the sanctuary that evening. Then we will enjoy latkes and salad and Israeli dancing!


Please contact:

Marlene at or Cassy at


 Latkes, lots and lots of latkes!


Sour Cream




(salad will be provided courtesy of Souplantation) 

All services held at:

Temecula United Methodist Church

Located at 42690 Margarita Road, Temecula, CA. 

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Our Rabbi  
Our services are led by our student Rabbi.  The congregation is very lucky to have student Rabbi Arnie Wuhrman join us this year.

 Come join us for a refreshng feel to Judaism with new ideas and a warm welcome as our Rabbi leads us in prayer.
Our Cantor  

Each year at Havurim we invite unique and talented song leaders or cantors to lead us at this special time of year.

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